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Hello Blog World!

I’m starting off my first blog with everything you need to know to CONTINUE reading. So what is this blog about? Eating right. DON’T WORRY, It’s not one of those rants only about how a certain crazy diet trend will work for you! This is about eating RIGHT and living a sustainable life. I wholeheartedly believe that when YOU EAT GOOD, YOU FEEL GOOD! Why? It’s pretty simple (although I’ll go in detail in a minute). Your body is a well tuned machine, and we were built to live off of the earth- so when we do our bodies are running at full speed! I’m sure somewhere in our education we were all made aware of what our food plates should look like.


It is recommended that your plate be broken down into 5 main sections- fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, & dairy. As children the decisions were mainly made by our parents making it easy, however if you’re anything like me the first “adult” trip to the supermarket was way more intimidating than anticipated. When you eat based on the suggested guidelines your body can live up to its potential, however when you do not damage is done. The good news is that IT ISN’T 100% irreversible. Our bodies are very resilient! POSITIVE life style changes can TRANSFORM your body to show the world the changes you’ve been making.

Part 1:

Eating & Digestion…Some of us have some pretty consistent routines made up of the same (or similar) meals every day, others are so constantly on the move that the meals change with where you’re at that day. Whatever the case may be, we all know if we’re eating healthy or not- at least most of the time we’re positive that food is on one side of the spectrum or the other. It’s becoming harder to tell these days! The quality of food is steadily declining, and its becoming more and more obvious the necessity to take complete control of every ingredient we put into our bodies. However- to get back on topic…You eat food, you remove the nutrients for usage by your body, then you excrete the remainder. Seems simple right? Over time we fill out body with toxins that aren’t so easy to remove even when partnered with a (somewhat) healthy diet.

Part 2:

Removing Toxins… I’m sure we have ALL seen some crazy diet trends that show some pretty impressive examples of people loosing those pounds pretty quickly. What about when they come off the program, have you ever seen a before/after of that? Many of the popular diet/cleanse trends only take care of the short term issue of burning fat, but not the long term problem of ACTUALLY HEALING your 5body. IN FACT it’s making you feel WORSE because the toxins that were once stored in the fat are now gone releasing them into your vital organs. So whats the cure to looking good AND feeling good?? A HEALTHY DIET!! Your body will NATURALLY cleanse itself when you feed it what it needs as a continuous ongoing habit without starving yourself, over exercising, or crash dieting. The trend I’m talking about is not a diet, it’s an entire lifestyle change! I KNOW we are ALL CAPABLE!

*In the next few weeks I’ll go into more detail about an important aspect of this, and that is knowing where your food comes from. In 1 week I will be the proud owner of my very own aeroponic Tower Garden which will allow me to grow 28 different kinds of produce. I’ll be video documenting the entire setup, as well as it’s progress as time goes on. Most importantly, I will be looking to PROVE how a self sustaining lifestyle is great on your pockets as well by comparing my current produce bill to what it becomes.

Stay Tuned!

-Erica Hauff



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