Video Blog Episode # 1

Hello, and welcome to my very first video blog post! Don’t worry, everyone learns differently SO this blog is brought to you in both video, and written word!

Welcome to my world- Baby Rebecca is included because, hey, I’m a Work-From-Home Mama and she comes with the territory so enjoy her cuteness. My interest in the health field began with personal experiences of pain and severe digestive issues. Am I an expert? I am not a certified health coach, HOWEVER I do believe that I am far enough along this journey of becoming in tune with my body to pass on what I do know!

I have a B.S. in Biology from Adelphi University, and work as a coach for a multi-national wellness company- a job that requires multiple hats. So I…

a. Help others on their journey to whole body wellness using only 100% natural means

b. Help children and families achieve both wellness & learn important healthy lifestyle skills

c. Help children, parents, families, teachers, etc. learn about sustainability in their own home through the use of aeroponic Tower Gardens

This blog will contain information for all people of all ages, YES I will have both kid-friendly meals/advice as well as adult friendly =)

*UP NEXT* Next week I’ll be talking about the FOUR CORE parts of a healthy lifestyle!


Erica Hauff


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