Don’t just SURVIVE the Fall Season

Happy Friday everyone, and welcome to EPISODE 2 of Food For Thought: “Don’t just SURVIVE the Fall Season.” In this 2 part episode I’ll be outlining the 1-2-3 step process of practicing healthy living this fall, as well as some kid friendly tips for a healthy Halloween!

Part 1: Taking Care of Yourself

You have a routine. Whether it changes slightly daily, or is all over the map you have a general routine of things that you do every morning. Wake up, brush teeth, get kids out of bed, make breakfast… etc. In our world, mommy always gets taken care of last. NO this isn’t because she isn’t important, I mean they do show us those cute little signs signaling their love, it’s because as moms/parents/caregivers we are filled with just as much love and it’s how WE express it. That being said.. it’s time to take care of YOU and here’s my three step system will help you along that journey.

If you follow my three step journey you’ll not only be taking a small time out of your routine to take care of yourself, but you’ll also be sharing in something special with your family. So here it goes…


Step 1: Put that glass in your hand…

Are you holding that glass? You’re not? Well go get one! Fill it up to the tippy top with water. Yes, you can still follow these steps if its not morning 😉 A little extra water is never a bad idea.


Infused water?? An even better idea! Check out this awesome blog post about some delicious infused water options.

Step 2: Add in those nutrients…

Feeling refreshed? I bet your body is still craving more, so fill it up again! Now pull out those supplements, vitamins, or in my case Juice Plus Capsules (over 30 fruits, veggies, and berries all juiced and dried with the most advanced scientific process to fill me up with all those vitamins in their most natural form). (Healthy Tip- Store whatever is that you take right next to the water so its impossible to forget about)


Step 3: EAT UP!

Congratulations! You’ve already done 3 great things for your body and the day just started. I bet you can guess what comes next 😉 That’s right… FOOD! Let’s make this a good one, but I know you’re a busy parent too so lets not make it too complicated. It’s essential that you have some healthy options either frozen and ready to go, or fresh food ready for their 5 minute prep to mouth goodness. My go-to is usually some sautéed veggies with egg. Very filling and takes only a few minutes. 14689837_1868172760081476_940169427_o.jpg

Wait… did I just say a few a minutes to create a culinary “masterpiece” with kids in the house?!? Yes I did! This brings me to the most important part of this list.. this is an ALL INCLUSIVE routine. Remember how I said earlier that your 1-2-3 routine is a shared experience with the family? Well grab, that baby carrier, step stool, & pretend kitchen gear, and call over the kids! They should follow each and every one of these steps with you. MY 2 year old daughter joins in every morning. Now I’m not gonna lie it didn’t automatically excite her, and there are days she just can’t get it together to join me, but the positive influence is still there and that is what’s IMPORTANT!

So there you go.

Want to join a healthy eating community where we utilize these 3 steps daily?? Check it out here–

Part 2: KIDS ZONE Surviving Halloween

Halloween is probably one of the most exciting times of the year for you and your kids. Not only do they get the opportunity to exercise their self expression through a fun game of make-believe, but they also get lots of goodies! Unfortunately this means lots of sugar highs, and all that good stuff they normally can’t have.

But wait!!! There’s a way to help keep your little ones on the right track through this festive time of year…

I’ve compiled an awesome Halloween options to use both in your home, and for trick-or-treaters based on fan provided popularity…

  1. Non Food Treats- This top of the list suggestion actually surprised me, especially considering it’s usually the first to go! This group includes…
    • glow bracelets
    • temporary tattoos/stickers
    • erasers/pencils
    • spider rings/vampire teeth
    • bouncy balls
    • mini bubbles
    • play dough
  2. Healthy Food Treats- Although these aren’t all traditional options, thankfully they’re making their way to the top of parents’ favorite halloween treats!
    • pretzels
    • raisins
    • fruit leathers
    • goldfish
  3. Non-Traditional Treats- These weren’t the first to come to mind, but thanks to suggestion I can see why they would be awesome!
    • Toothbrushes (I would assume this is coming from a dentist, but even so a great treat idea)
    • Coupon books to kid friendly restaurants
    • Change (YES! I remember getting cute holiday bags of change from a few different homes and thinking it was pretty cool)

**While treats are all fun and games for kids, its SO IMPORTANT to remember not all kids can enjoy ALL food treats. The “TEAL PUMPKIN PROJECT”  supports kids with food allergies. What do you do?!? If you are in support, you leave out a teal pumpkin, as well as this awesome sign designed by Susie Kucera of LilyBug Custom Designs (P.S. Check out some of her other work, I can’t wait to order one of her signs for some of the great milestones in my girls’ lives). Message me for the full 8×10 download of this poster. Teal Pumpkin 8x10.jpg

***Looking for some fun & healthy Halloween themed snacks?***



On the topic of being family friendly & healthy this Autumn check out this awesome list of family friendly activities by the lovely Ashley Pichea. Her blog also has some great resources for busy families so check it out!

Whether you’re reading this, or tuning into the video version, Thank You & see you next week!


Erica Hauff



@EricaFood4Thought (INSTAGRAM)


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