The 5 best 5 Minute (or less) Snacks for Both Kids & Adults!

Continuing with our “Eating Healthy on a Budget” here’s part 2 of 3- “The FIVE minute or LESS Snack” because whether you’re a parent, college student, or need a great easy snack to bring with you to work or on the road having a quick healthy snack is necessary!

As a mama to 2 demanding girls I’ve learned that snacks are a very important part of our day, and it’s not only to keep THEIR energy going. It’s very important to keep your blood sugar at healthy levels throughout the day, but with so many quick grab options that may be disguised as healthy, it leaves your wallet and your body in a less then perfect state. Over the last few months I’ve been working on creating some quick snacks that make EVERYONE happy. These are snacks that can be used for …school, playdates, dance class, after-school, midday snack, child-nagging-at-your-leg snack, baby-in-your-arms snack, baby-in-the-carrier snack, driving in the car snack, pass back to your toddler in the car snack… Sent -out-to-see-a-client snack, my-office-only-has-junk-food snack…the list can go on!

I’ll be rating each  based on these 4 categories…

a) Age appropriateness

b)Preparation time

c)On-The-Go factor

d)Budget Friendliness

Here’s the list:

  1. Quick grab fruits & veggies
  2. Hard Boiled Eggs
  3. Snack Plate
  4. Smoothie
  5. Popsicles or pre-packaged yogurt


1. Quick grab fruits & veggies – 

If you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up in between meals grabbing an apple, orange, green beans, carrots, or other really quick finger-foods is a great way to go. I went ahead and shared the least time-friendly option- pomegranates. I highly suggest looking up a tutorial on youtube about how to properly open one of these bad boys up, it is definitely life changing! This is officially a quick-grab option in our house!

Here’s out it rates on our scales…

a) Age Appropriateness – 10/10 good for ALL ages (even my 7 month old enjoys a peeled slice of apple to teeth on!)

b) Preparation Time – 8/10 obviously this depends on the type of produce you grabbed. It also includes using a knife so depending on your child-crying-on-leg status this may take longer then it would for others.

c)On-The-Go Factor– 9/10 So close to a perfect score, except when you consider some of the messier options like oranges that may not be so car friendly.

d)Budget Friendliness– 10/10 Referring back to Part 1 of this series, when it comes to purchasing produce seasonal availability plays a huge role in price. I’m rating this on the assumption you are purchasing based on what is seasonal with the best price. Also factor in that you’ll be using these for both snacks, and in salads for lunches/dinners.



2. Hard Boiled Eggs- This is a timeless protein packed healthy snack ANY time of the day.

Here’s out it rates on our scales…

a) Age Appropriateness – 10/10 good for ALL ages

b) Preparation Time – 5/10 If you haven’t prepped ahead, this will definitely take longer then 5 minutes, but assuming that you’ve already prepped these as a grab-n-go snack peeling your snack has a small mess factor that cuts into your prep time. Still, well within 5 minutes.

c)On-The-Go Factor– 7/10 Quick and easy on the go snack, except for the mess factor that is associated with both the peeling (not driving friendly) and the cleanup if your little ones are enjoying this tasty treat!

d)Budget Friendliness– 10/10 Once again referring back to Part 1 of this series, when purchasing groceries for snacks, this is a snack that can be peeled and used sliced in salads, or smashed in some delicious egg salad! Eggs in our store are usually around $1-$3 for an 18 carton if it’s on sale.




3. Snack Plate- Need something a bit more filling to make it through? Snack plates, or boxes, are great for an energy boost or variety for those picky eaters. Best part? There are endless possibilities using whatever you already have in your fridge/pantry!


Here’s out it rates on our scales…

a) Age Appropriateness – 10/10 good for ALL ages

b) Preparation Time – 9/10 This can either be super easy to put together, or take a little bit closer to the 5 minute time limit, depending on what you decide to add in. Using what you already have prepared is always the best way to go if you really need a quick snack.

c)On-The-Go Factor– 10/10 This might not always be a perfect score if you add in some more complicated/messy items, but can also be made as simple as necessary. This was a 2 minute snack plate as a mid-morning munchie for my picky 3 year old.

d)Budget Friendliness– 10/10 Another perfect score, since it consists of using what you have available from different parts of your shopping trip. For this particular one, I included apples , saltines, peanut butter(which we always have stocked in the house and use for various snacks & recipes), cheddar cheese (used for lunches, and shredded over salads), and carrots (used in both salads, and as a side dish to many meals).




4. Smoothie- These days it seems as if even though you can buy a smoothie just about anywhere, it’s connected to a steep price tag. Call it a preparation fee, but whatever the reason is, It is just more budget friendly to make your own.

Here’s out it rates on our scales…

a) Age Appropriateness – 10/10 good for ALL ages

b) Preparation Time – 5/10 This one can really fall anywhere on this scale depending on what you’re including in your smoothie, and if you have your ingredients all prepped.

c)On-The-Go Factor– 9/10 Smoothies are ALWAYS great on the go, however if you plan on using all fresh produce ingredients and dairy milk it may cause an issue if refrigeration isn’t an option. Great for sippy cups and to go cups!

d)Budget Friendliness– 8/10 Depending on the ingredients you use this value can vary. Many people prefer to use a dry mix which also varies in price. Ours cost about $1.50 per serving and includes over 20 different fruits & veggies.




5. Popsicles or pre-packaged yogurt- What a perfect way to turn something simple into something too fun looking to turn down? Orange juice + almond milk = totally delicious creamsicle, or yogurt + pureed fruit = fun re-usable pouch snack.

Here’s out it rates on our scales…

a) Age Appropriateness – 3/10 mostly toddler/kid friendly although variations can certainly be appropriate for all ages.

b) Preparation Time – 10/10 Whether you need to pour some ingredients into the mold, or quickly puree and put into a pouch, this quick treat can be done in less then 5 minutes (and usually with baby in one arm in my case).

c)On-The-Go Factor– 5/10 Popsicles are definitely not an option for your outing, however this one is right in the middle of the  scale since certain variations (like tube snacks) can easily be taken on the road without fear of spoiling or mess.

d)Budget Friendliness– 9/10 Depending on the ingredients you use this value can vary, but a much simpler option then smoothies that contain many similar ingredients.


Thank you for checking out  my list! Please sound off with opinions, or anything you think I should have included, in the comments section =)

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